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Sweet and powerful at the same time, the famous  White Widow  will delight you with its unique lemony and woody tastes with hints of spices.

Each product is weighed, packaged and sealed by us.


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ROYAL CBD is pleased to present its White Widow  in Greenhouse version!

This subtle flower with unique aromas is finally here! Famous in the single world for its lemony aromas and its woody notes of rare spices,  White Widow  is one of the most appreciated varieties in the world.

CBD rate: Between 3 and 8% . Learn more

To be consumed as an infusion or vaporization (10g ~50 infusions)
How to properly make a CBD infusion?

CBD hemp can be stored for up to 24 months. To maintain optimum quality, please avoid exposing it to light, temperature changes or oxygen. Please close the bag tightly after each use to preserve all the aromas of the CBD flowers.

Our products are not medicines. They do not in any way replace a varied and balanced diet.

We recommend pregnant or breastfeeding women to please consult a doctor before consuming CBD. It is also important to specify that our products are to be kept out of the reach of children.

The CBD flowers distributed by ROYAL CBD come from the Fedora 17 strain. We also remind you that ROYAL CBD products are not intended to be smoked.

The CBD percentage of the flowers indicated above is indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in a certified laboratory. We can also, upon explicit request, send you a certification extract for your product.

Our products remain natural plants, there is notably some variation from flower to flower in the percentage of cannabinoids present. In addition, the batches that ROYAL CBD distributes may differ slightly from each other.

Despite this slight variability, ROYAL CBD guarantees a THC level of <0.2% in all its individual sachets, as required by European legislation.

For any additional information, please contact us directly.

Additional information
Poids 3.35 g

Taux compris entre 3 et 8%


Garanti <0,2%

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  1. Andrew

    Very good. Quick delivery. No problems. Great

  2. Nadine

    Bien meilleure qualité de sommeil pour moi, je recommande

  3. Patrick

    Très content de mon achat, il est arrivé assez rapidement, en tenant compte de la distance, j’habite à la Réunion Produit très agréable au goût

  4. Flora

    Un site sérieux avec des produit de qualité. La livraison est rapide et soignée.

  5. Thierry

    En toute confiance. Service et produits de qualité.

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